Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band – 2016-03-28 – MADISON SQUARE GARDEN, NEW YORK CITY, NY


Inizio show: 8:15

Fine show: 11:35

Setlist e videos:

  1. Meet Me In The City
  2. The Ties That Bind (VIDEO)
  3. Sherry Darling (VIDEO)
  4. Jackson Cage
  5. Two Hearts (con finale di “It Takes Two”) (VIDEO)
  6. Independence Day (VIDEO)
  7. Hungry Heart
  8. Out In The Street (VIDEO)
  9. Crush On You
  10. You Can Look ( But You Better Not Touch )
  11. I Wanna Marry You (con intro di “Here She Comes”) (VIDEO) 
  12. The River
  13. Point Blank (VIDEO)
  14. Cadillac Ranch
  15. I’m A Rocker (VIDEO)
  16. Fade Away
  17. Stolen Car
  18. Ramrod (VIDEO)
  19. The Price You Pay
  20. Drive All Night (con “Dream Baby Dream”)
  21. Wreck On The Highway
  22. Badlands
  23. Because The Night (VIDEO)
  24. Brilliant Disguise (VIDEO)
  26. Jungleland (VIDEO)
  27. Thunder Road
  28. Born To Run (VIDEO)
  29. Dancing In The Dark
  30. Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) (VIDEO)
  31. 10th Avenue Freeze-Out
  32. Shout (VIDEO)

Prossimo show: 2016-03-31 – PEPSI CENTER, DENVER, CO


~ di pinkcadillacmusic su 29 marzo 2016.


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